Advanced Merchant Services Review


Advanced Merchant Services is a firm that focuses on standard domestic businesses. It was founded in 1999 and also operates under the name Next Level Payment Solutions for higher risk clients. The best evidence suggests that they resell First Data services and products.

Advanced Merchant Services Review


The biggest advantage of Advanced Merchant Services is their cash advance capacity, which many have said is larger than the cash advance options offered by others, like BOA merchant services. They provide virtual terminals, online payment gateways, EMV compatible card readers, and debit and credit card processing. They do have variable fees and rates, which isn’t as much a Pro as it is a two-edged sword, as if you are good at negotiating then you may be able to get a good rate, but you may also be paying more than you would with the signature merchant services.


Advanced Merchant Services has a number of issues before they can rank even in the middle of card connect merchant services providers. Their sales team is made of independent contractors that have been accused of deceptive, misleading, or aggressive sales strategies. Moreover, there have been accusations of security issues between Advanced and the services they sell, which is something you don’t find with the more secure merchant services. The rates charged by Advanced are also on the higher end of what you might expect to find in the industry, with a number of customers complaining about hidden fees and the $495 early termination fee. Finally, a number of merchants have complained that they were tricked into buying or leasing unwanted equipment, which can get quite expensive.


All of the signs point to no. Advanced Merchant Services hasn’t demonstrated that they can provide a quality product at a reasonable rate, and the complaints about shady sales tactics only serve to make this worse. Look elsewhere for your merchant service needs.