Allegiance Merchant Services Review


Allegiance Merchant Services is a relatively new company that is looking to break into the elite merchant services business. The business was opened in 2011 and offers a number of different merchant services, making them an attractive option for new merchants.

Allegiance Merchant Services Review


Allegiance offers many different merchant services, including chip cards, virtual terminals, mobile processing, ecommerce, cash advance, ATM, POS, and many more options. They provide international merchant services credit card processing, which is a plus for businesses that are looking to expand their reach. They don’t belong to a merchant service guild, but they do sell merchant services direct, which means that customers can expect to get better rates than if they used a third-party merchant services seller.


There are very few reviews of Allegiance Merchant Services, to the point that some of our searches returned results for Synergy Merchant Services. That being said, little information can be either a good or bad sign in the merchant services industry, so customers will have to take that information as they will. There are some complaints that they abandon companies that suffer from a decline in their credit rating, but it doesn’t seem as if these complaints are entirely justified, after all, there’s a reason the company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as of this writing.


Allegiance Merchant Services seem to be a solid choice for most merchants. From the reviews we could find customers were generally happy with the service and the company seems to be responsive to complaints and any issues that come up. Only time will tell, however, if Allegiance has what it takes to break into the best merchant service providers. They have the base to do so, with the number of different features and products they offer, so they just have to keep up the customer service to get there.