Amazon Merchant Services Review


Amazon has become one of the biggest names in commerce. This has led many merchants to look into Amazon merchant services. Amazon does offer payment processing, but doesn’t have all of the features that one would expect from full service merchant services providers.

Amazon Merchant Services Review


Amazon’s merchant services cover card transactions conducted online. This means that they are a great option for individuals who operate an ecommerce site. The service is straightforward and simple to use, and does a good job of providing the most basic of merchant services. Amazon as a brand also lends credibility to websites, which can help re-assure ecommerce customers that their information will be secure and that the ecommerce site is a legitimate operation.


Amazon does not offer the standard business merchant services that one would expect. The merchant services definition usually contains more than just card processing services. Amazon does not offer these services, and so they are not a good choice for many merchants. Any merchant that operates a brick and mortar business will want to find a different merchant services provider, and merchants that want help with things like payroll, data metrics, EMV, POS, Terminal leasing or buying, and other services will find that Amazon’s merchant services offer little to no utility for them. Moreover, Amazon does not offer a customer service rep for your account, which means that you will be potentially lost in a phone tree or hear inconsistent information from the customer service reps you get put into touch with.


Amazon is a good choice for a very select group of merchants: those who only operate an ecommerce website and are looking for a payment gateway that helps provide customers trust that the site is legitimate and not going to scam them or steal their information. Most traditional merchants will want to look elsewhere for merchant services.