ANZ Merchant Services Review


ANZ Merchant Services operates mostly in Australia and New Zeeland. Information about the company is a bit sparse, but they seem to have started in 2014. If you’re looking to open a business in Australia or New Zeeland, they might be a good choice for you.

ANZ Merchant Services Review


One of the best things about ANZ Merchant Services is their rates. They don’t charge a per-transaction fee, nor do they have an annual fee. There is an account termination fee of $250, which is around the industry standard, and while that might not be a pro, it’s definitely not a con. ANZ Merchant Services fees aren’t the only good thing about the company though, they also provide a number of helpful services, including credit card merchant services, debit transactions, online gateways, mobile payment support, and some of the other standard services that we have come to expect from a modern merchant service provider. Customers calling the ANZ merchant services contact number have reported that they get friendly, helpful customer service on that end, so that is another point for ANZ.


Everything isn’t perfect with ANZ Merchant Services. Number one is the 2-5 day window to complete transactions and move money into your account. This is longer than many others in the industry, like Redstone Merchant Services. Another issue is with a hidden fee that comes in the form of a $40 communication fee. This can dramatically increase the cost of doing business with ANZ Merchant Services, and is something that you might want to try to negotiate out of your contract. There are also complaints about chargeback fees, refund and statement fees, and other hidden fees that increase the cost beyond their fairly reasonable base rates.


ANZ Merchant Services seem to be a decent option for those doing business in Australia and New Zeeland. They provide the services merchants need, but beware of hidden or floating fees.