Blackbaud Merchant Services Review


Blackbaud Merchant Services is a fairly new white-label established in 2010 from the larger, parent company, Blackbaud. This payment processing service utilizes the expertise of Stripe and another iconic brand, First Data. In total, they offer a wealth of different merchant services, all of which make this a valid competitor in the merchant service industry. Let’s explore some advantages and disadvantages, and whether or not you should consider Blackbaud Merchant Services.

Blackbaud Merchant Services Review


When it comes to a company like Blackbaud Merchant Services, it’s really important to understand what their services and products entail. Enrolling with this service enables businesses to have access to services like: card processing, recurring payments, payment gateways, digital wallets, and even fraud management. In this, BMS is great for medium to large nonprofit businesses that are looking for minimal-to-no fees, flat-rates, and no complexities.


Now that we have covered some of the advantages, let’s look at the other hand of the situation. BMS does require that businesses sign-up for a subscription, should they be looking for additional services. This is an added expense and can be costly. Additionally, this company offers businesses weekly payouts, which is a bit different than a standard merchant service provider. The last disadvantage that we want to share is that, given the fee structure, this company is not good for smaller nonprofit businesses.


So, the question then become, is Blackbaud Merchant Services worth the investment in the first place? If you are a nonprofit with a fairly large size volume and are seeking an all-in-one merchant service vendor, then BMS is most likely a valuable option for you. In this, it’s important to consider the benefits and the consequences of selecting a company like BMS as it can prove to be a bit more expensive.