Blackstone Merchant Services Review


Blackstone Merchant Services has operated since 2000 and is based in Doral, Florida. They offer total merchant services packages, including the standard fare one would expect. However, they lack the quality needed to be considered one of the best merchant services providers on the market today.

Blackstone Merchant Services Review


Blackstone offers a number of helpful merchant services, including debit and credit transactions, POS systems, EMV support, mobile payments processing, bankcard merchant services, payment gateways, ecommerce support, and more. Customers appreciated the ease of using their website, and were able to log in and find everything they were looking for in a timely manner. While this may not seem like a big deal it is harder to find than you would think from an industry that deals with so much money every day. Other customers had good things to say about Blackstone’s contract terms, but these reviews were a bit shady and may have been misplaced or paid posts from Blackstone, which is a huge red flag when dealing with any business, much less one that will be forming the core support for your business processes.


Blackstone doesn’t exactly offer sterling merchant services. There have been a number of complaints about their sales tactics, with customers reporting deceptive, misleading, fraudulent, and aggressive strategies to get merchants to sign up for their services. They have received a number of complaints with the BBB, including double charging merchants, refusing to refund erroneous charges, and worse. One customer even complained that a sales rep forged their signature on a contract that they never even saw, which should send up warning signals. This may be because Blackstone relies on third-party sellers who receive little training or oversight.


We advise you to look elsewhere for merchant services. Blackstone seems to have some things going for it, but on the whole they don’t have what it takes to be considered.