Capital One Merchant Services Review


Capital One Merchant Services is a division of Capital One bank. Merchant Services are not what Capital One is known for, which is surprising, as we found that they claim to offer full merchant service account, as opposed to some other companies like Fifth Third merchant services.

Capital One Merchant Services Review


Capital One Merchant Services mostly focus on mobile payment processing through their app, Spark Play. Spark Play is a product that was formerly owned by the transactions processing company Verifone, and most reviews of it are either neutral or positive. It makes sense that Capital One would want to get into the mobile payments industry, as it has seen huge growth in recent years, becoming a large part of the merchant service industry. Verifone is well-known and respected in the merchant services world, and Capital One has a solid reputation as a bank, so it’s not much of a surprise that many of the reviews are as good as they are.


That being said, Capital One Merchant Services are not without their share of issues. For one, many people have complained that the app itself is slow, like really really slow. Moreover, Spark Pay only handles mobile payments, so it’s not a good option for larger brick and mortar retailers, or those merchants who are looking for more than card merchant services from their provider. While Capital One claims that Spark Pay is a merchant account service, it has limited functions and features, which might deter those who are looking for a merchant services provider than can grow with their business.


Capital One Merchant Services, and their app Spark Pay, is a good choice for individuals who are only looking for card swiping functions, but aren’t interested in other functions that merchant services companies tend to provide their customers.