Cayan Merchant Services Review


If you are looking for a notable merchant service provider that has a great reputation, won awards, and chosen by numerous businesses around the world, Cayan Merchant Services is worth your consideration. This company offers businesses services and innovation that many other merchant providers cannot. With only 3 years’ experience in the industry, you might be surprised to learn how experienced they truly are. Let’s explore some more!

Cayan Merchant Services Review


Cayan Merchant Services is one of the most reputable brands in the industry today. In fact, when you look at their reviews, they have high ratings and preferred among almost all business owners. Not only is the company’s customer service stellar and helpful, their list of services is quite expansive. They offer merchant accounts, powered by First Data, a cloud-based platform known as Genius, which is a payment processing system, payment gateways, and even POS systems.  The best part about all of this is that there is really no major fees, including termination or set-up fees.


Before we get ahead of ourselves and say that there is absolute zero fees, there is two different fees that we need to talk about. The biggest downside about this company is that businesses will be required to pay a $99 fee every year, alongside a few other account fees, which are often not disclosed or discussed. Additionally, many businesses have complained that the Cayan is often known for withholding fees, which can be frustrating. The last disadvantage that is worth sharing is that, if you are planning on canceling your merchant account, it’s important to be prepared. While it’s simple, it’s most certainly a process.


As we said earlier in the review Cayan is most certainly considered one of the most well-known providers of merchant services in the industry today. While there are many businesses who have complained about their experience, overall, the company truly exceeds many expectations. They offer reasonable rates and fees, excellent customer service, and they do not charge business owners who want to opt-out of the service. What would you say, is that better than decent?