Chase Merchant Services Review


Chase Merchant Services, renamed Chase Paymentech Merchant Services after merging with Paymentech, is one of the biggest card processing companies around. In 2013 alone they did over $750 billion worth of transactions, covering 35.6 billion transactions worldwide. With numbers like that it’s easy to see why so many people are interested in Chase Bank Merchant Services.

Chase Merchant Services Review


One of the best advantages of using Chase merchant services is the fact that you work directly with the merchant services division, rather than using a participating bank as an intermediary. The result of this relationship is that Chase merchant services rates are generally lower than many of the other firms that we reviewed, and the Chase credit card merchant services are among the best in the country when it comes to minimizing downtime and ensuring constant customer access. The customer support you get at Chase is excellent, also due to the direct relationship that merchants have with the merchant services provider. Moreover, Paymentech is rapidly becoming one of the biggest merchant service providers in Canada, making them an appealing choice if your business does a lot of transactions across the border.


For a company that has done so many transactions and been used by so many people, it is surprisingly hard to find any negative information online. In fact, most of the complaints were former employees taking issue with different aspects of Chase Merchant Services jobs rather than with the service itself. Most complaints centered on businesses having higher transaction fees after taking a hit to their credit report, framing these has hidden fees. However, the terms in their merchant service agreements make it clear that this is a possibility, so it seems as if these customers are using Chase Paymentech as a scapegoat.


Chase Paymentech is an excellent choice for merchant services. They offer a number of services and different types of merchant protection, and with their business model of working directly with merchants, they are poised to become a major player in the merchant services industry.