Clover Merchant Services Review


Clover Merchant Services was purchased by First Data in 2012, but they still operate under their own name, using their POS technology as a vehicle to sell First Data processing services. Moreover, Clover products are distributed by a number of other firms that sell First Data transaction processing.

Clover Merchant Services Review


One of the best advantages of Clover Merchant Services is the cutting edge technology that users receive for signing up. This can dramatically reduce the cost of opening or expanding your business. The Clover Station is easy to use, set up, and is highly flexible. Most customers prefer it for their wireless merchant services. Some even reported finding a deal on them on Groupon. It’s hard for us to verify this Groupon. Merchant services are an evolving industry though, and the device is sold at over 3,000 major banks, so it’s not surprising. Customer service is good, fast, and helpful, and the device provides access to a custom app marketplace where merchants can find products designed to help their specific industry. However, to be clear, Clover is no longer the provider for traditional card merchant services. UK merchants have also been clamoring for access to the Clover Station, which is a good sign.


Clover doesn’t have transaction processing capabilities outside of First Data, so you’ll have to use First Data service. This creates a potential complication, as if you want to switch away from First Data you will also need to order new POS systems. Additionally, the cost can be high if you’re not receiving the equipment as part of a package deal, ranging from $2-3 thousand.


First Data is one of the best credit card merchant services, and clover is one of the best POS systems that can use First Data, making it an attractive option if you need more POS stations.