Cornerstone Merchant Services Review


Cornerstone Merchant Services is a Christian merchant services company that seems to use Sage as its back-end provider. They are headquartered in Bristol, Virginia, and does not process Transactions that it finds morally objectionable, which may be appealing or a non-starter, depending on what kind of business you do and what you look for in a merchant services company.

Cornerstone Merchant Services Review


Most national merchant services are offered by Cornerstone, including debit and credit processing, EBT processing, EMV support, ecommerce support, and gift and loyalty programs. One of the best aspects about Cornerstone is that their sales team is entirely in-house, which can help maintain the quality of merchant account services. Moreover, their online merchant services have competitive rates, and customer service and satisfaction generally seem high.


There are minimal complaints about Cornerstone Merchant Services, most of them are out of date, but they center on missed or late payments, and the lack of availability of their customer support. They don’t have 24/7 customer support, and offer it only during normal business hours, which might create problems for some businesses if they are in a different time zone or operate later at night. Some merchants may not want to use a company with an explicitly religious outlook, and others may worry about a company suddenly refusing to honor their transactions. There are other complaints regarding the company’s moral stance, as well as some that accuse the company of violating their own positions based on some of their past clients, but on the whole Cornerstone Merchant Services seems to be a solid and reliable merchant services provider.


Cornerstone is a solid choice for your merchant service provider. They have a good reputation, responsive customer support, and no complaints that we could find that were centered on their products or services. They use a quality back-end provider. Check them out if you think they’re the kind of company you’d like to work with.