Costco Merchant Services Review


Many people know Costco as a bulk retail store, but what few people realize is that they also offer merchant services. Costco merchant services are not run by Costco, they are reselling Elavon’s services, just as others like Sams Merchant Services or Walmart Merchant Services also resell other companies services.

Costco Merchant Services Review


Costco does offer slightly lower rates than working directly with Elavon, but these are only for certain customers and only apply to certain transactions, so the rates that you see on their website might be different. Costco Merchant Services pricing can be a bit confusing as a result, but they are cheaper than standard Elavon for most customers. Costco Merchant Services reviews indicate that Costco handles its merchant services division well, and it provides the standard fare you would expect from such an operation, include card transaction processing, terminal sales, POS software, gift cards, and loyalty arrangements. Moreover, if your business is already a Costco member, there are ways to get discounts on these services as well, potentially saving money.


Costco merchant services pricing can be deceptive. Only certain transactions qualify for Costco’s preferred rates, and customers also have to be Costco members, which is an added expense on top of the other merchant services fees that a business can expect to pay. Because of this, the Costco Merchant Services rates are not always as good as those you can get from other companies that resell Elavon’s services. International businesses may also have problems with Costco merchant services. UK customers have had problems with customer service and availability, while others have registered similar complaints.


If your company does a lot of business with Costco, and your business model means that most of your transactions will fit within the limitations for Costco’s preferred rates, then Costco is a good option for getting Elavon’s merchant services. However, if these conditions don’t apply, then you are better off looking elsewhere.