Dharma Merchant Services Review


Dharma Merchant Services are one of the best reviewed ISO’s that we have looked at. Dharma Merchant Services reviews are almost universally positive, and they are one of the biggest merchant resellers in the country.

Dharma Merchant Services Review


Dharma ranks at the top of the two most important merchant services categories: customer service and transparency. They only use interchange-plus pricing, which saves merchants money, and don’t have any hidden fees, including early termination fees, PCI compliance, PCI non-compliance, or anything else. They openly advertise their standard pricing, and offer great customer support on their wide range of products, which include merchant accounts, B2B processing, payment gateways and virtual terminals, credit card machines, mobile and low volume processing, financing deals, and fundraising services for non-profits. In fact, Dharma offers special rates and programs specifically for non-profits, and they service Amex, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard. Merchant Services can be a messy business, and Dharma is a refreshing breath of air in a cutthroat environment.

In addition to all of these great things, Dharma also contributes more than $100,000 per year to charity and is a certified green business, which means there’s very little not to love, and it means that the cons section is going to read a bit short.


There are very few cons to report with Dharma. The most common complaint is that they have continued to charge merchants after they cancelled their contract. However, after investigation, it seems that these individuals did not properly follow the instructions to cancel. This can be annoying but when compared to some of the other merchant services providers we looked at it’s almost friendly.


Dharma is a great place to check for your merchant services needs. With the exception of merchant security services, there are very few things that Dharma can’t help a business do, and any Dharma Merchant Services Review that tells you otherwise shouldn’t be trusted.