Durango Merchant Services Review


Durango Merchant Services is a company that specializes in high-risk businesses, providing merchant services for small businesses and large ones. They’re based in Durango Colorado, and are one of the very few high-risk merchant service providers with a sterling reputation.

Durango Merchant Services Review


Durango offers the basic merchant payment services, including merchant accounts, gateway services, check processing, equipment sales, and fraud protection. One thing that’s important to note in that list is equipment sales, as most merchant services only offer leases on equipment. This can be a boon to your books as businesses can claim depreciation on owned equipment and classify it as an asset rather than an operating expense. It is unclear if Durango operates international merchant services, but it seems likely as long as they aren’t too high-risk. While Durango doesn’t disclose fees, and high-risk merchants should always expect to pay more, Durango does have a reputation for doing a good job matching the fee to the risk level, meaning you get the best deal on your merchant services for your high risk business.


There’s no such thing as a perfect merchant services provider, and Durango is no different. Their fees are higher than many in the industry, but this is necessary to compensate for the high risk clientele they service. There have also been reports of long term contract requirements and early termination fees, but these seem to be assessed on a case by case basis, and so may not apply to all merchants.


On the whole, Durango is the best choice you can make as a high risk business looking for a merchant services provider. They stand out in that industry area for their openness, honesty, and fairness when dealing with clients. Most high risk merchant services providers charge exorbitant fees and capitalize on their client’s desperation, Durango is a breath of fresh air in this toxic atmosphere.