Evo Merchant Services Review


Evo has gone under many names since it was founded in 1990, including Merchant Services Inc. Evo Merchant Services Inc., and Evo Payments International. They work with around 500,000 businesses and do more than $50 billion in transactions every year, making them one of the largest merchant services around.

Evo Merchant Services Review


Evo offers a number of merchant services, and has been gaining momentum. Merchant services can be a hard industry to really stand out in, so Evo’s rise is incredibly impressive and speaks to a good quality in their products and services. They support gift and loyalty programs, check services, a proprietary integrated payment platform, billing programs, cash advances, short term loans, accelerated funding, merchant accounts and payment gateways. Evo’s rates seem to be near the industry standard, but that information is not available on their website, but they seem to use interchange-plus pricing, which works out better for merchants.


There are a few issues with Evo, the first of which being inconsistency with their customer service and pricing. This may be because Evo relies largely on third-party sellers as well as ISOs that resell their service. This can lead to some agents offering better rates than others. The cancellation fee is the subject of many complaints, which at $295 is slightly higher than the industry standard. However, with more and more companies offering no cancelation fees, it remains to be seen how long Evo can keep this up. Moreover, it doesn’t seem that they offer high risk merchant services, so they are far from a one stop merchant services company.


Evo is a standard merchant services provider. They have a fair service, offer reasonable advice, and their rates are in the range of what you would expect. This all combines to make them a good choice to at least investigate if you are shopping for a merchant services provider.