First Data Merchant Services Review


First Data Merchant Services Corporation is one of the largest merchant services providers in the country, servicing over six million locations worldwide. Unlike other companies we reviewed, like Bank of American merchant services, First Data operates almost entirely within the merchant services industry, and so they are a good benchmark for other companies.

First Data Merchant Services Review


When it comes to global transactions, there are few firms as well-regarded as First Data Merchant Services. Canada, India, China, France, it doesn’t matter, First Data merchant service has the infrastructure needed to provide the merchant services that companies are looking for. Moreover, First Data Merchant Services handles everything in-house, which helps explain why the First Data Merchant Services customer service was so knowledgeable about the company’s processes and policies. First Data handles card processing, check process, EBT, ACH, EMV, as well as mobile payments, and provide the necessary hardware to ensure that POS stations stay active and operate efficiently.


Some First Data merchant services reviews complained that they were repeatedly locked out of their First Data Merchant Services Login, and others complained of difficulty finding the First Data Merchant Services phone number, but such complaints seemed to be isolated cases of particular users suffering difficulties. One problem with First Data is that they allow other companies to operate using their network, which can result in upcharges. However, there’s no need to use a middleman, as users can sign up with First Data directly, giving them access to the company’s excellent customer service.


First Data is the biggest player in the merchant services industry. Customers who sign up with First Data directly are working with one of, if not the best, merchant services companies that we reviewed. However, business owners should beware of third-party companies selling the service, as those firms are harder to hold responsible and not as well reviewed.