Flagship Merchant Services Review


Flagship Merchant Services is based in Charlestown, MA. They have been in operation since 2001 and was purchased by iPayment in 2012. Since then it has worked mostly as a reseller of iPayment, but there are some advantages to going through Flagship.

Flagship Merchant Services Review


One of the best things the Flagship Merchant Services reviews we read focused on was the lack of an early termination fee, which is rare in the industry. One Flagship Merchant Services review even pointed out that, for Flagship Merchant Services, Canada is a strong market, which makes them appealing if your business interacts with that country a great deal. Another advantage that Flagship has going for it is that merchants can negotiate their contract with Flagship, which means that you might be able to get better rates than the standard Flagship Merchant Services fees.


As an iPayment reseller, Flagship Merchant Services suffers from some customer service issues, and these made up the vast majority of the complaints that we could find. Other complaints focused on problems finding the Flagship Merchant Services login information that customers needed. Flagship Merchant Services BBB record is reasonably clear, and they have a good track record of responding to complaints, which will help some businesses feel at ease. However, these issues beg the question of why a merchant would work with Flagship if they can work directly with iPayment, or another merchant services reseller. Finally, there were complaints regarding unforeseen and unexplained account holds, as well as some problems with hidden fees that weren’t explained by the salespersons. If you’re considering an account with Flagship, make sure you read the contract fine print very closely or you may find yourself paying more than expected.


Flagship is solidly in the middle of the merchant services companies we reviewed. They offer a decent product and can be negotiated down to a fair price, but merchants may be better off looking elsewhere.