Global Payments Merchant Services Review


Global Payments Merchant Services is one of the world’s largest merchant service providers. It was founded in 1967 under the name National Data Corporation, and has one of the best reputations out of the global merchant services.

Global Payments Merchant Services Review


Global Payments Merchant Services handles almost everything in-house, which makes it run much more efficiently than some of the other select merchant services. Their merchant services login is straightforward and easy to use ever since they redesigned their website, and has a branch in Canada, which expands their appeal for those who do business across the northern border. They do merchant accounts, payment gateways, terminal leases and sales, while also offering a number of industry specific services for businesses like casinos, non-profits, and other niches. They do offer interchange-plus rates, which is another point in their favor.


One of the downsides of taking an account with Global Payments Merchant Services is that you will have to undergo a credit check, so if you are looking for merchant services, no credit check, then you should look elsewhere. Additionally, if you have a smaller business then you may want to look into one of the lower volume merchant services, or just get on the technology trend and go mobile. Moreover, most contracts are a three year term that auto-renews, and there is frequently an early termination fee. One of the most frequent complaints from the reviews was merchants have issues closing their Global Payments account, which can be a headache when you’re trying to stop paying monthly fees.


Global Payment Merchant Services is a good choice for many medium-to-large size businesses, they have the experience and reputation to demonstrate that they can be trusted to provide the needed services at a reasonable fee, however they might not be the right solution for all businesses, so be sure to shop around.