Google Merchant Services Review


Everyone has heard of the search giant, Google. However many may not know that Google offers services that are very similar to those offered by traditional merchant services companies. As they expand further into new sectors, Google may wind up becoming one of the largest merchant service companies around.

Google Merchant Services Review


Google Merchant Services take place under the heading of the Google Merchant Center. While it offers services like card processing, Google also offers a number of marketing services in its package, including search engine optimization strategies and advice, help with pay per click marketing, and integration with Google Checkout to allow even more payment methods for ecommerce merchants. The interface is straightforward and easy to use, just look for my merchant services, and the compatibility and marketing help that Google provides might make them one of the best small business merchant services, if not the best merchant services company for ecommerce and small businesses. This is especially true for those who are interested in getting on contract merchant services and other pay as you go features.


Google isn’t quite ready to take over the merchant services industry. Their platform only really works for ecommerce merchants, and doesn’t have much utility for brick and mortar businesses. As a result, their appeal is fairly limited, and they won’t be attractive to larger firms that have been established and already have a regular merchant services account with another company. It is still possible that Google could roll out a full-on merchant services product, but that remains to be seen.


Google Merchant Services is a good choice for specific circumstances, especially if you do a lot of your business on Google shopping or want help with internet based marketing, but for larger companies, or brick and mortar shops, Google simply isn’t ready to provide the necessary service.