Heartland Merchant Services Review


The merchant service provider definition is a company that performs transactions and other services for merchants. Heartland merchant services is one of the most well-regarded merchant services providers in business, and is in contention to be among the best merchant card services.

Heartland Merchant Services Review


There are a number of things that set Heartland apart from other merchant service providers. The first is that their sales team operates in house. This may seem like a minor detail, but the results can be huge, as the sales team has a direct and easy line to the other divisions in the company in order to answer questions and serve as a point of contact. American merchant services companies usually outsource sales, as opposed to other places, like merchant services India. They have excellent reviews online, and many customers speak highly of Heartland’s customer service. Heartland offers payroll solutions as well as the standard merchant services like card transaction processing. Customers have also praised Heartland’s online data reporting and the insights it gives them into their business.


There are a few problems with Heartland Merchant Services, notably the higher than average flat fees on transactions, and the large early termination fees. While these aren’t huge issues, they aren’t even disclosed on Heartland’s website, which means that some merchants might waste valuable time investigating, or may wind up paying more than they thought they would, which could complicate any small business. Other customers have complained about issues with terminal setup, and some issues with terminal support, but these appear to be isolated incidents.


Heartland Merchant Services are an excellent choice if you’re looking for world class customer service and a merchant services company that can help you with more than the standard card transactions that you can get from any merchant services company. They are worth checking out at the very least, even if you ultimately go with someone else.