How to Add Your Cash App to Apple Pay

Apple Pay has become a convenient and secure way to make payments using your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. By linking your Cash App account to Apple Pay, you can easily send and receive money from friends, shop online, and make contactless payments at stores. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add your Cash App to Apple Pay.

1. Open the Cash App: Launch the Cash App on your device.

2. Tap on the profile icon: Look for the profile icon at the top-left corner and tap on it. This will take you to your account settings.

3. Scroll down and select “Add to Apple Pay”: Navigate through the options until you find the “Add to Apple Pay” button. Tap on it to proceed.

4. Follow the prompts: You will be guided through a series of prompts to complete the setup process. This typically involves verifying your identity and confirming your Cash App account details.

5. Set up Touch ID or Face ID: If your device supports it, you will be prompted to set up Touch ID or Face ID for secure and easy access to your Cash App account.

6. Add your card information: Enter your card details, including the card number, expiration date, and security code. You may also need to provide your full name and billing address.

7. Verify your card: Cash App may ask you to verify your card by entering the verification code sent to your registered phone number or email address.

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8. Agree to terms and conditions: Read and accept the terms and conditions to complete the process.

Once you have successfully added your Cash App to Apple Pay, you can start using it to make payments. Simply look for the Apple Pay logo while checking out at participating stores or within apps, and authorize the payment using Touch ID or Face ID.


1. Can I use Cash App with Apple Pay on my Apple Watch?
Yes, you can link your Cash App to Apple Pay on your Apple Watch. The setup process is similar to adding it on an iPhone or iPad.

2. Can I use Apple Pay with my Cash App card online?
Yes, you can use your Cash App card through Apple Pay to make online purchases with supported merchants.

3. Can I remove Cash App from Apple Pay?
Yes, you can remove Cash App from Apple Pay by going to your device’s settings, selecting “Wallet & Apple Pay,” and then choosing your Cash App card. From there, you can click on “Remove Card.”

4. Is Apple Pay safe to use with Cash App?
Yes, Apple Pay uses advanced security measures, such as tokenization and biometric authentication, to ensure secure transactions.

5. Can I link multiple Cash App accounts to Apple Pay?
No, you can only link one Cash App account to Apple Pay at a time.

6. Can I use Apple Pay for international transactions with Cash App?
Yes, Apple Pay can be used for international transactions as long as the merchant accepts it.

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7. Does it cost anything to use Cash App with Apple Pay?
No, there are no additional charges for using Cash App with Apple Pay. However, standard Cash App fees may still apply.

8. What do I do if I encounter issues adding my Cash App to Apple Pay?
If you experience any difficulties, make sure you have the latest version of both Cash App and iOS installed. If the problem persists, contact Cash App support for further assistance.

In conclusion, adding your Cash App to Apple Pay is a simple process that allows you to enjoy the convenience and security of mobile payments. By following the steps outlined above, you can start using Apple Pay with your Cash App account in no time.