How to Get Approved for Amazon Pay by Invoice

Amazon Pay by Invoice is a convenient payment option offered by Amazon that allows eligible business customers to make purchases on Amazon and receive an invoice for payment instead of paying upfront. This flexible payment method provides businesses with more control over their cash flow and allows them to consolidate their purchasing and payment processes. If you’re a business owner looking to get approved for Amazon Pay by Invoice, here are some steps to follow:

1. Register as a business: First and foremost, ensure that you are registered as a business on Amazon. This means having a registered business name, an active business bank account, and a valid tax ID.

2. Build a positive selling history: Amazon considers your selling history and order fulfillment metrics when evaluating eligibility for Amazon Pay by Invoice. Therefore, it’s important to establish a positive selling history on Amazon by consistently delivering products on time and maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings.

3. Provide accurate business information: Make sure to provide accurate business information, including your business name, address, and contact details. This will help Amazon verify your business and ensure a smooth application process.

4. Maintain a professional seller account: To be approved for Amazon Pay by Invoice, you must have a professional seller account. This type of account allows you to sell products on Amazon and access various selling tools and features.

5. Meet the eligibility criteria: Amazon has specific eligibility criteria for Amazon Pay by Invoice. These criteria may include factors such as your business’s creditworthiness, annual revenue, and industry type. Ensure that your business meets these criteria before applying.

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6. Apply for Amazon Pay by Invoice: Once you’ve met all the requirements, you can apply for Amazon Pay by Invoice through your seller account. The application process typically involves providing additional business information and agreeing to Amazon’s terms and conditions.

7. Await approval: Amazon will review your application and inform you of their decision. The approval process may take a few days, so be patient during this time.

8. Start using Amazon Pay by Invoice: Upon approval, you can start using Amazon Pay by Invoice for eligible purchases. Simply select the option at checkout and receive an invoice for payment, which is typically due within 30 days.


1. Can individual sellers use Amazon Pay by Invoice?
No, Amazon Pay by Invoice is only available for eligible business customers.

2. Is there a credit check involved in the approval process?
Yes, Amazon may perform a credit check as part of the approval process.

3. Can I use Amazon Pay by Invoice for all my purchases?
Not all purchases are eligible for Amazon Pay by Invoice. Eligibility is determined by Amazon based on various factors.

4. What happens if I don’t pay the invoice on time?
Failure to pay the invoice on time may result in late payment fees or suspension of your Amazon Pay by Invoice privileges.

5. Can I request an extension for payment?
In some cases, you may be able to request an extension for payment. Contact Amazon’s customer support for assistance.

6. Can I use Amazon Pay by Invoice for international purchases?
Currently, Amazon Pay by Invoice is only available for purchases within the United States.

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7. Are there any transaction limits for Amazon Pay by Invoice?
Yes, there may be transaction limits imposed by Amazon based on your business’s creditworthiness and order history.

8. Can I use Amazon Pay by Invoice for subscription services?
No, Amazon Pay by Invoice is not available for subscription services at this time.

In conclusion, getting approved for Amazon Pay by Invoice involves meeting eligibility criteria, maintaining a positive selling history, and providing accurate business information. Once approved, you can enjoy the benefits of this flexible payment option, streamlining your business’s purchasing and payment processes on Amazon.