How to Use Google Pay in Store Without NFC

Google Pay is a convenient and secure way to make payments using your smartphone. Normally, Google Pay relies on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to allow you to tap your phone against a payment terminal to complete a transaction. However, if your phone does not have NFC capabilities, you can still use Google Pay in stores by following these steps:

1. Download and install the Google Pay app: Start by downloading the Google Pay app from the Google Play Store. Ensure that your phone meets the app’s system requirements.

2. Open the app and set it up: Launch the Google Pay app and sign in using your Google account. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

3. Add a payment method: Tap on the “Payment” tab within the app and select “Add Card.” You can add credit or debit cards issued by participating banks or link your PayPal account.

4. Verify your payment method: To ensure the security of your payment method, Google Pay may ask you to verify your card or account. Follow the verification process provided by your bank or PayPal.

5. Make a payment: To use Google Pay at a store without NFC, open the app and select the card you want to use. Tap on the “Pay” button and scan the QR code or barcode displayed on the payment terminal.

6. Confirm the payment: After scanning the code, review the payment details on your phone and confirm the transaction. Some stores may require you to enter a PIN or sign the receipt for additional verification.

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7. Receive payment confirmation: Once the transaction is complete, you will receive a payment confirmation on your phone, and the store will also receive a confirmation on their terminal.

8. Enjoy the convenience: With Google Pay, you can now make secure and contactless payments at stores without NFC technology.


1. Can I use Google Pay without NFC?
Yes, you can use Google Pay in stores without NFC by scanning a QR code or barcode provided by the store.

2. What if the store doesn’t have a QR code or barcode?
If the store doesn’t support Google Pay without NFC, you may need to use alternative payment methods.

3. Can I still use loyalty cards with Google Pay?
Yes, you can add and use loyalty cards within the Google Pay app even if your phone doesn’t have NFC.

4. Is it safe to use Google Pay without NFC?
Yes, Google Pay uses multiple layers of security to protect your payment information, regardless of whether NFC is used or not.

5. Can I add multiple payment methods to Google Pay?
Yes, you can add multiple credit or debit cards, as well as PayPal, to your Google Pay account.

6. Do I need an internet connection to use Google Pay without NFC?
Yes, you need an active internet connection to use Google Pay for payments.

7. Are there any fees for using Google Pay?
Using Google Pay is usually free, but check with your bank or PayPal for any applicable fees.

8. Can I use Google Pay without a screen lock on my phone?
For security reasons, it is recommended to have a screen lock enabled when using Google Pay, but it may not be mandatory in all cases.

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In conclusion, even if your phone does not have NFC, you can still enjoy the convenience of Google Pay in stores by following the steps mentioned above. With Google Pay, making secure and contactless payments has never been easier.