Humboldt Merchant Services Review


Humboldt Merchant Services is based in Eureka, California. They appear to be a subsidiary of the Canadian company Moneris, and specialize in working with high-risk business models. They provide a number of standard merchant services, including card transactions, currency conversions, and POS software.

Humboldt Merchant Services Review


Humboldt Merchant Services might be one of, if not the best merchant services provider for high-risk business models. Their merchant services include all of the standard features that you’d expect from a merchant services provider, including debit and credit card processing, multi-currency conversions, EMV chip support, POS equipment, and ecommerce gateways. Moreover, across all categories, Humboldt has less than one complaint per year, which is an outstanding rate of customer satisfaction when it comes to US merchant services. While this may seem too good to be true, it does seem that Humboldt is positioning itself for a renaissance merchant services.


When it comes to merchant credit card services, there are very rarely no cons to speak of, and that’s true to an extent with Humboldt. The first issue is that they use third-party sellers for their products, which creates a risk that the salesperson won’t have the proper information or oversight to accurately explain what you’re getting. Because of this, as with any major business deal, you should be sure to read the fine print in the contract before agreeing to it so that you can be sure you understand the terms it contains. Another issue we found was that they have an early termination fee, though it wasn’t as high as other companies that we’ve reviewed.


Humboldt Merchant Services seems to be one of the best options for high-risk businesses looking for credit and debit card processing services. It can be hard to find reasonably priced merchant services providers for these companies, so Humboldt is definitely worth checking out.