Intuit’s QuickBooks Point of Sale Review


When it comes to keeping track of finances, there is no bigger and larger company that Intuit. The company itself was founded in 1983 and as expanded to help thousands, if not, millions of consumers and business owners around the world. With the introduction of QuickBooks Point of Sale – it ushered in a new wave of help and integration like never before. However, before we jump to any strong conclusions, let’s take a peak at the advantages and disadvantages that this program.

Intuit’s QuickBooks Point of Sale Review


So, what’s good about the Point of Sale system from QuickBooks? Well, for one, this program is considered one of the easiest P.O.S. systems a business could ask for. It does not require a heavy learning curve, which is great news for less-than savvy business owners or employees. Additionally, Intuit has adapted their program and software to worth with Apple products, specifically iPhones and iPads. This is a great investment for the business owner that is look for a simple P.O.S. for organization and tracking sales.


As you might imagine, QuickBooks Point of Sale is not cheap by any means. This is an expensive program that will cost a business a good chunk of money. Now, in this, the P.O.S. system does not really come with versatile payment options. For example, it’s limited when it comes to credit cards and the processing options. To add a bit more to the equation, the QuickBooks Point of Sale team does not make it any answer. There has been a lot of complaints regarding the company’s customer service department.


Overall, the QuickBooks Point of Sale is a decent choice for business owners to consider. It’s design with simplicity at the core, making an owner’s life easy with minimal confusion or complexities. In this, if you are a business owner that has a larger company, this product may prove ineffective as it does not offer enough of features and benefits of a full Point of Sale system. Be sure to know what your use for the product will be before you invest your money.