Mainstream Merchant Services Review


Mainstream Merchant Services is a company based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Mainstream has been in business since 2007, and does not provide its own transaction processing, but rather is an ISO, or reseller of TSYS Merchant Solutions.

Mainstream Merchant Services Review


Mainstream offers a number of helpful services and features for merchants, along with the standards of debit and credit card processing, POS equipment, mobile payments, gift programs, loyalty programs, virtual terminals, and cash advances. They are backed by a branch of Wells Fargo and a branch of First National Bank, which lets them provide cash advances that some other companies wouldn’t be willing to service.

Additionally, Mainstream uses in-house sales agents, a rarity in the industry. This allows for tighter customer service control as well as proper training and certification. Their agents are able to handle everything from “what is merchant services” up to the most complex of questions. Their rates are within the industry standard range, and there aren’t any complaints to be found on non-BBB websites, which is a great sign for the company.


Mainstream Merchant Services rates are variable, so even though they’re within the industry standard, they may be higher than the rates you can get somewhere else. While there were no truly negative merchant services reviews for mainstream, there was grumbling about the early cancelation fee, as well as a lack of response to some complaints filed with the BBB. However, in general, for a firm the size of mainstream, we’d expect more complaints than there were.


Mainstream is a good provider for TSYS transaction processing services. They have a good reputation, but are still a young company, and so there’s plenty of room for error should they alter their business model. If you want a merchant services company that uses in-house, W2 employees for their sales team, then Mainstream is the company for you.