PNC Merchant Services Review


PNC Merchant services is a division of PNC Bank. They are based in Pittsburg, PA, and provide First Data products and services. They have some interesting programs if you are already a PNC customer, and might be worth checking out depending on the nature and size of your business.

PNC Merchant Services Review


One of the biggest pluses for PNC Bank merchant services is the fact that they don’t appear to use an independent sales staff, with any sales being handled by marketing to their existing customers or an in house sales team. This is generally a good indicator that the company will be easy to work with, and that you can trust what the salesperson tells you. PNC Merchant Services customer service has received mixed reviews, with some having good experiences and some bad, but most PNC Merchant Services review discusses things other than customer service. PNC Provides EBT, Debit and Credit processing, POS equipment, cash advances and short term loans, online payments, mobile payments, payment gateways, and ACH processing. They are known to operate in the retail, healthcare, restaurant, and B2B industries.


While some have said that PNC customer service is good, others have complained that they can’t get anyone when they call the PNC merchant services phone number. Other complaints have centered on the early termination fees, which can be as high as $900, one of the highest that we found in our reviews. There have also been issues with a lack of transparency for PNC’s fees and pricing structure, with some customers taking issue with annual fees, PCI compliance fees, and higher than expected rates on certain kinds of transactions. Finally, other users have complained about difficulty canceling their contract.


On the whole PNC ranks solidly in the middle of the pack for merchant services providers. They are worth looking into if you already bank with PNC or are based near their headquarters.