Sage Merchant Services Review


Sage Payment Solutions is a merchant services provider based out of McLean Virginia. They have been in business for more than 25 years, starting in 1989. They are part of a British multinational that performs many business services.

Sage Merchant Services Review


Sage Merchant services can operate with the biggest of businesses, they accept all major credit cards as well as private labels, a rarity for merchant services credit card processing companies. The provide EMV compatible terminals, mobile payments, check conversions and deposits, online payments, ecommerce services, and seasonal downtime programs, which makes them one of the best merchant services for small businesses that have large seasonal fluxes. The equipment they offer is usually top of the line for merchant services. Groupon isn’t going to have any deals on these terminals or the software that runs on them. Finally, they are very straightforward in their sales approach, which can be refreshing in this industry.


There are a few complaints floating around Sage. Some have complained they can find the merchant services phone number, but some reviewers later came back and admitted they were confused by the European telephone format. However, they have high cancelation fees, as well as a pretty sizable $100 annual PCI compliance fee. Furthermore, a number of users complained about their customer service, but the number of these complaints was far greater than a business of a similar size operating in the merchant services industry, which is a good sign for Sage Merchant Services.


Sage is a worthwhile consideration. If you feel you have strong negotiating abilities then there’s a good chance that you can get an excellent rate. Moreover, if your business falls into one of the special categories that Sage can work with, like seasonal downtime, then there’s another reason to check them out. They are a solid choice when it comes to merchant services.