Sam’s Club Merchant Services Review


Sam’s Club is well-known as a big-box retailer, but, much like Costco, they began offering merchant services to customers in the early 2000’s. Also much like Costco, Sam’s Club Merchant Services resells another merchant service, First Data.

Sam’s Club Merchant Services Review


All of the pros for Sam’s Club Merchant Services are the same as using First Data; customers get access to one of the largest global transaction processing networks, as well as a number of other features that come with First Data Merchant Services. Sam’s does provide a bit more information on their rates and fees than First Data does, so there is something to be said for transparency, but it’s not quite the same as using bank merchant services. Customers can also discover merchant services that they may not have known existed, and also discover merchant services phone number from Sam’s Club to get in touch with First Data if they have a problem.


Sam’s Club Merchant Services also suffer from all of the problems that one gets from First Data. However, these problems are made worse by the fact that merchants with Sam’s Club are operating through an intermediary rather that working directly with First Data. Many Sam’s Club Merchant Service reviews also indicate that customers have had less-than-stellar experiences with the 24/7 help line, and the way that Sam’s Club Merchant Services lists its prices seems a bit gimmicky, relying on the savings associated with the Sam’s Club name to help sell the product. This is different from banc certified merchant services and others that have more transparent pricing.


Sam’s Club may be a great place to go when you need 3 tons of rice, but its merchant services division leaves a lot lacking. Customers should look into other First Data resellers, or just work with First Data directly instead of going through Sam’s Club.