Shopify Payment Gateway Review


We have all heard of businesses going digital. It’s a thing, as more and more consumers prefer to shop online than go to the physical store. Well, the best way for any business to get online is with Shopify – one of the most notable software as a service in the world. In recent months, Shopify has included Shopify Payments, empowering business owners with a whole new payment getaway system. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this new program.

Shopify Payment Gateway Review


Shopify makes business owners’ lives easier than ever before. This software solution presents a wealth of opportunities, including marketing and analytical tools, editing features, and even a website hosting and security system. In other words, all you need to do is bring the sales in. Now, Shopify’s payment getaway recently became more advanced with the inclusion of Shopify Payment. This is a program that allows business owners to take credit cards for purchases, without having to enroll in a third-party program. For those who are veterans in this field, they know how convenient this can really be.


As with anything else, with advantages, comes disadvantages. Shopify really tried to offer business owners convenience; however, the qualifications and requirements to to be in the program can be considered strict. Additionally, there are an assortment of different fees and taxes with being a business on Shopify. From having a membership subscription to tax per credit card purchase, it can become quite expensive for smaller business owners.


When it comes to this mega-online business software, the opportunities are endless. However, it is highly advice to really become familiar with Shopify’s business requirements and standards before establishing a foothold with their company. The last thing any business wants is to get their funds held, or worse, denied and shut down. Overall, Shopify’s payment getaway is one of the best in the industry, especially with the inclusion of their new Shopify Payment system.