Square Merchant Services Review


Square Merchant Services are provided by Square, a company that has been looking to take on the mobile merchant services market. Square tries to hit the sweet spot between Paypal merchant services, and the full service providers like First Data. As a result it is a flexible, tech friendly start-up targeting merchant services mobile company.

Square Merchant Services Review


Many merchants wonder “is square cheaper than merchant services?” and the answer for many merchants is yes. Swiped transactions cost 2.75%, keyed transactions cost 3.5% + $0.15, and online transactions have a rate of 2.9% + $0.30. These fees are substantially lower than those some other merchant services provides charge. Square is also a model in how to sell merchant services. They offer a free Ipad as a POS station, and their software offers inventory management, compatibility with many popular programs, applications, and ecommerce platforms, metrics, loyalty rewards, and more. The result is a package that goes well beyond credit card merchant service and helps merchants manage many aspects of their business.


There are a few problems with Square Merchant Services, however. The first is funding holds. As a newer merchant service, Square is a bit sensitive in stopping accounts that they think contain an element of fraud. This can result in cash flow interruptions, and that can be a huge problem for newer merchants. The other issue is that the customer service at Square seems to be inconsistent. Some users have reported helpful and courteous customer service, whereas others have told horror stories about being on hold and transferred from department to department in an attempt to rectify their issue. Additionally, Square isn’t right for all merchants, so if you’re looking for healthcare merchant services you may want to look elsewhere.


Square is a great choice for small merchants who are starting out but looking to grow. It has a number of helpful features, and it is hopeful that they’ll fix the account and customer service issues that plague them.