Stripe Payment Gateway Review


If you are a business owner looking to do business online, chances are, you are going to need Stripe. This company is one of the largest online companies in the world, truly empowering business owners in a brand-new way. This company is responsible for processing payments, ensuring consumers are charged and business owners get their profits. This third-party platform is currently used by so many different businesses and companies; however, it is not for everyone. Let’s take a peak at what this company’s payment gateway is all about.

Stripe payment gateway review


So, before we begin, we would like to say that Stripe has multiple different features and functions. While we are truly only focusing on payments in this review, we highly suggest getting familiar with the other aspects of this company. What makes this platform and software one of the best in the industry is how immense their payment system works. Business owners have the option to truly customize how their consumers will be charged. In fact, they can design the entire check-out process to match their brand style and vision. Additionally, Stripe has the ability to work with different currencies, so businesses can capitalize and make profits internationally. With seamless integrations, Stripe’s payment gateway is easy and works directly with businesses.


This biggest disadvantage that is really tarnishing this company’s ability to take over the industry is its complexity. This software is truly only beneficial for larger companies. There are so many different factors and facets of Stripe that, for smaller companies, it can be incredibly challenging and overwhelming. Additionally, should a business have any problems with the payment gateway, Stripe does not have a customer service department, which can make it challenging and equally frustrating.


When it comes to payment gateways, it’s evident that Stripe is a leading provider in the payment market. Competing with icons like PayPal, Braintree, or even square, Stripe is staying ahead of the competitive curve, offering businesses more opportunities, technological innovations, and unique features. While it’s quite discomforting to know that this company does not have a customer service department and the account security is quite unstable, Stripe is a viable payment gateway option for merchants that are large enough to handle the vastness of this software.