Total Merchant Services Review


Total Merchant Services is one of the biggest merchant service providers in the US. From their Total Merchant Services Woodland Hills, CA headquarters, opened in 1996, they provide a number of merchant services, and work with around 100,000 merchants.

Total Merchant Services Review


One of the things that sets Total Merchant Services apart is their employee focus. Total Merchant Services careers tend to be long ones, and they are considered one of the top merchant services companies to work for. Happy employees lead to better service for customers. Total merchant services reviews demonstrate that this is in fact the case, as there were few customer service complaints. They offer many of the merchant services that other companies, like Nova Merchant Services, offer, merchant services, gift cards, card processing and more. They have some of the top of the line tech, and even offer a free mobile terminal and swipe POS station.


Everything isn’t perfect for Total Merchant Services, however. The Total Merchant Services login was described as frequently broken in one Total Merchant Services review, and others complained that the Total Merchant Services phone number was down. Other complaints have to deal with their sales team, which our research found was outsourced. While this is a common practice, as many companies like Nova Merchant Services LLC also do it, it seems to be working out poorly for Total Merchant Services. Woodland Hills may be a beautiful place, but it apparently doesn’t draw salespersons!


When it comes to merchant services, Total Merchant Services is solidly in the middle of the pack. They have plenty of features and options for merchants, but are still lacking in some of the key areas of the business, and the use of third-party sellers mean they have less control over their product that most businesses would like. Consider them if you’ve heard good things, but don’t be afraid to look elsewhere.