Transfirst Merchant Services Review


Transfirst is a well-known and reliable company offering transnational merchant services. It was founded in 1995, and facilitates more than $37 billion in transactions across 200,000 merchants. Transfirst is now based in Broomsfield, Colorado, after being located in Hauppauge, New York for a number of years.

Transfirst Merchant Services Review


One of the best things about Transfirst is the flexibility that its sellers have when offering contracts. This means that you can get rid of the early termination fee, demand things like interchange-plus pricing, and you should find yourself with a contract situation you’re happy with, a far cry from the Transax merchant services reviews. Transfirst provides good technology along with the pivotal merchant services like credit and debit processing, merchant accounts, POS systems, mobile payments, check services, and an EMV plan. Additionally, their metrics and analytics software seems to be among the best that the industry offers.


Any company this size will have its problems, and Transfirst is no different. There have been complaints about early termination fees, although those can be avoided if you negotiate your contract or find the right agent. Another complaint is based on the three year contract length, as well as the fact that a cancellation request has to be given with 90 days of notice. A few complaints have been lodged regarding Transfirst’s free trial program, which can have terms that automatically signs up a merchant for a three year contract at the end of the trial period. Customer service reviews are mixed, with a number of people complaining that it was hard to get information from Transfirst once it was requested. Finally, some users complained about a lack of quick pay merchant services from Transfirst.


Transfirst is a large merchant services provider for a reason, they have been in business for a number of years and know what they’re doing. If you are willing to negotiate, or find the right agent, Transfirst could be the right option for you.