Transmerit Merchant Services Review


In the merchant account industry, there are dozens upon dozens of businesses all competing to be the center of attention. Transmerit Merchant Services is one of those many companies, offering a wealth of different merchant services. Founded in 2015, this company is fairly new in age but old when it comes to experience. While this company may not be one of the most popular in the industry, it may be the one for you. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages.

Transmerit Merchant Services Review


As we said above, Transmerit Merchant Services is not old by any means. However, they do boast in experience and have a wealth of services, all of which are quite typical of merchant service providers. Businesses can sign-up or enroll in services ranging from credit card processing, e-commerce gateways, merchant capital funding to even mobile payments. The company touts that their service and equipment is some of the best in the industry.


While this company does offer some valuable merchant services that businesses might needs, it’s important to really look at the disadvantages of selecting this company. For one, this merchant service provider has seen a lot of negative complaints filed against them, specifically regarding unknown fees, incorrect rates, and even poor customer service. Previous business owners have strongly advised individuals to stay away from Transmerit, especially considering that there are many other merchant service providers in the industry.


With such strong claims from previous business owners, it must have you wondering, is this company worth consideration? In truth, Transmerit does offer some valuable services to business owners. The thing to note is that this company is not the best in the industry by any means. They are considered an average company – which results in average service. We would like to note that, in the past year, there has been an upswing of positive reviews supporting this company’s merchant services, should that make a difference.