TSYS Merchant Services Review


When it comes to merchant processing services, TSYS is one of the biggest around. TSYS Merchant Services is based in Columbus, Georgia, but has offices all over the country. They’re a great first stop if you want to compare merchant services, or get a good idea of what kind of products a merchant services company can offer.

TSYS Merchant Services Review


TSYS performs incredibly well when compared to other merchant card services that are of a similar size. They offer reasonable rates on the standard merchant processing services, including merchant accounts, credit card terminals, POS systems (including tablet based ones), mobile processing, virtual terminals and payment gateways. One of the best merchant services for small businesses that TSYS offers is a service that takes customers to TSYS secured site to execute payment, which means none of their information is stored on your website, reducing liability.


TSYS does have a few issues, though it is important to keep in mind that they are one of the largest merchant services providers, and they have far fewer complaints than other companies their size. Most of the complaints deal with the early termination fee, but at $250 it’s about standard for the industry. However, as more companies get rid of early termination fees, this can become increasingly annoying. TSYS also falls a bit in transparency, which means individual merchants will have to negotiate with agents when it comes time to make a deal. This can be a good thing, but without more information on the rates they want to charge, it can be hard to figure out what rate you should ask them to charge.


TSYS is an excellent choice for a merchant services provider. They have been in business long enough and do enough business to be among the best providers that we’ve reviewed. Give them a chance if you’re in the market for a merchant services provider.