United Merchant Services Review


United Merchant Services is a total merchant service that services customers in the United States. They offer a number of products and services and merchant adjustment services to their customers. United Merchant Services is based in Hackensack, New Jersey.

United Merchant Services Review


United Merchant Services payment processing company offers a number of features for their customers. These include debit and credit card processing, ACH processing, online processing, gift and loyalty programs, as well as POS equipment. As a result they have most of the things that the standard merchant would be interested in obtaining. When it comes to merchant services, credit card transactions and debit card transactions are the biggest focus, and the United Merchant Services reviews we found indicated that customers were generally happy with these products. They also have a low volume of complaints with the BBB, which is always a good sign. In short, United Merchant Services offers all of the modern services that one would expect from any merchant services provider.


United Merchant Services are limited in that they only work with US customers, so individuals looking to do international business will have to look elsewhere. The most common complaint customers registered involves hidden fees, so make sure you read any contract carefully and understand the fee structure before signing up. They have a higher early termination fee than most of the merchant services companies that we reviewed, $395. This is high enough to dissuade many businesses from using their service. Moreover, their equipment leases cannot be cancelled, so merchants will be stuck with them for the full 48 months of the agreement, regardless of their individual circumstances.


United Merchant Services is a good choice for businesses that can adopt to the strict contract terms that United offers, and for those businesses that want the core merchant services but don’t want to pay for things like payroll processing or other services.