US Bank Merchant Services Review


US Bank Merchant Services offers a wide variety of products to their customers, but they appear to be a merchant services reseller of First Data Merchant Services. However, they offer a number of other features that First Data lacks, and may be a better choice for some businesses.

US Bank Merchant Services Review


Some of the best aspects about US Bank Merchant Services involve the fact that they are also a commercial bank. As a result, they have experience with things like short term loans, cash advances, merchant funding services, and currency exchange services. US Bank also offers a low monthly account fee of $10, which can be appealing for small businesses. They have the ability to work with small businesses, large companies, and even government entities. These are all advantages to utilizing services offered by merchant banks. US Bank is a large enough entity that you don’t have to worry about merchant services scams, which will reassure many businesses.


Most of the complaints we found online were about US Bank’s banking division, and were lodged by people who would probably ask “What are merchant services?” However, we were able to find some complaints dealing with US Bank’s merchant services customer support. Most of the complaints centered around problems with customer support reps, so these don’t seem to be a criticism of the company’s core business services. Their rates are a bit higher than the industry standard, but not aggressively so, and there have also been accusations of unauthorized debits and hidden fees.


US Bank offers a number of features and products that many businesses will find appealing. If your business likes the advantages of working with a bank so that you can secure cash advances, short term loans, and other banking services, then US Bank might be the merchant services provider that you’ve been looking for.