Valued Merchant Services Review


Valued Merchant Services operates out of Idaho Falls, Idaho, and was formed in 2006. They provide the standard merchant services one would expect, like card processing, electronic check conversion, gift and loyalty programs, ecommerce merchant services and more.

Valued Merchant Services Review


One of the best things about Valued Merchant Services is that they use First Data processing services. As one of the biggest transaction processing firms in the world, First Data is a name trusted when it comes to merchant credit card processing services. Moreover, the rates that Valued Merchant Services offers seem to be comparable to some of the cheapest online merchant services, which can save your business some cash. All in all, Valued looks like one of the strongest ISO merchant services that we reviewed.


The contracts that Valued Merchant Services seems to offer are all long term arrangements. This can be a turn-off for some merchants who may want greater flexibility in their merchant services options. Moreover, a number of customer reviews indicated that Valued Merchant Services also has some steep early termination fees that were not disclosed by the sales agents. This may have something to do with the use of third-party sellers to obtain customers, or it may have been individual sales agents, but it is also possible that this is representative of Valued Merchant Services company culture, which can be a big red flag. They have a few complaints online regarding customer service issues, but these should be expected for any large company, much less a large merchant services company.


Valued Merchant Services are an interesting option for many customers. If you’re willing to sign a long term contact and don’t think that you can get a better rate working with another seller, or working directly with First Data, then they are worth looking into.