Velocity Merchant Services Review


Velocity Merchant Services is run by a husband wife team and is one of the fastest growing merchant services providers in the country, particularly when it comes to electronic merchant services and mobile merchant services.

Velocity Merchant Services Review


Velocity offers a number of important merchant services, including merchant accounts, gateway services, VMS Charge, and mobile processing. VMS Charge is a particularly interesting product, as it allows merchants to process cards from nearly any PC, and syncs with Quickbooks to make accounting a bit less of a headache.  As a merchant account service provider, Velocity has had an excellent customer service record.

In addition to these services, Velocity also offers cash advances check services, gift cards and loyalty programs, website development, and fleet processing. These aren’t services that you find in every merchant services provider, and they help set Velocity apart from the pack in their field.


There are some issues that Velocity needs to deal with before they can break into the top merchant services providers, especially in the cutthroat North American merchant services market. Their fee structure seems to be a bit deceptive, as it is advertised at 1.29%, but has enough one-time, semi-annual, monthly, and processing fees to make the effective rate much higher than that. As a result merchants may find themselves in for a bit of a surprise when they see their bill, especially if they didn’t spend the time to read the fine print on the contract. While their overall customer service is well-regarded, there are some who have had issues with the online chat feature. It is hard to tell if this is because of the company, the individual agent, or just the nature of online chats though.


Velocity is a good merchant services company if you’re looking for innovative products that sync with the other business programs that you use, but be careful that you understand the overall rate and fee structure.