Visa Merchant Services Review


Visa Merchant Services is a division of the ubiquitous credit card company, Visa. This was one of the hardest companies to get information about simply because Visa is often mentioned in the context of merchant services, and the company seems to merely sell First Data or another card transaction processing service.

Visa Merchant Services Review


One of the best benefits that we could find for Visa Card Merchant Services was the fact that using them automatically opens a line of credit. While this isn’t the right solution for most merchants, it can be helpful to those who are just getting started and are looking to build their credit reputation. Visa Card Merchant Services Canada has had good reviews regarding its customer service, and the Visa Merchant Services supplies are reasonably priced items that most every business needs, which can also be a boon to small businesses.


One of the most common complaints with Visa/Mastercard merchant services seems to be that even those who use the service cannot find the phone number. This seems to have been rectified recently, but it speaks poorly that a bill could be sent out without having the proper information on it. Moreover, users may not wish to open a line of credit when they get merchant services, and most merchant services only engage in similar practices if they offer short term loans or cash advances, but these services are provided on request, no one automatically gives you a cash advance upon signing up for their merchant services packages.


It is difficult to say if there is any redeeming quality that makes Visa Merchant Services a worthwhile partner, and there is some doubt on the net as to whether they are even an independent operation, or the result of confusion by misguided merchants. Either way, it’s best to look elsewhere.