In today’s digital age, mobile payment solutions have become increasingly popular. Among these options, Apple Pay has gained significant traction for its convenience and security. As a result, many hotel chains and independent establishments are adopting this payment method to enhance their guests’ experience. Let’s explore some of the hotels that accept Apple Pay and answer a few frequently asked questions about this convenient payment option.

1. Marriott International: One of the largest hotel chains globally, Marriott accepts Apple Pay as a payment option in many of its properties across the world.

2. Hilton Hotels: Hilton properties, including Hilton, DoubleTree, and Conrad, have also embraced Apple Pay, making it easier for guests to settle their bills securely.

3. InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG): IHG, which includes brands like Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, allows guests to pay with Apple Pay at various locations worldwide.

4. Hyatt Hotels: Hyatt Hotels and Resorts now accept Apple Pay, allowing guests to check in, pay for their stay, and make purchases within the hotel using their Apple devices.

5. Accor Hotels: Accor Hotels, which includes brands like Sofitel, Novotel, and Ibis, also support Apple Pay across their properties.

6. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts: This luxury hotel chain accepts Apple Pay, providing a seamless and secure payment experience for its guests.

7. Radisson Hotel Group: Radisson properties, such as Radisson Blu and Park Inn by Radisson, have integrated Apple Pay into their payment systems.

8. Independent Hotels: Beyond the large hotel chains, many independent hotels and boutique establishments have also adopted Apple Pay as a payment option, offering guests the convenience of this digital wallet.

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Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about hotels that accept Apple Pay:

1. Can I use Apple Pay for online hotel bookings?
Yes, many hotels that accept Apple Pay allow guests to use it for online bookings on their websites or mobile apps.

2. Can I use Apple Pay at hotel restaurants and bars?
Yes, Apple Pay can be used to settle bills at hotel restaurants, bars, and other on-site amenities that accept this payment method.

3. Can I use Apple Pay for room service?
Some hotels allow guests to use Apple Pay for room service orders placed through their mobile apps or by phone.

4. Can I use Apple Pay at hotel spas and gift shops?
Yes, in hotels where Apple Pay is accepted, you can use it to make purchases at the spa or gift shop.

5. Is Apple Pay accepted internationally at hotels?
Yes, Apple Pay is accepted at many hotels worldwide, making it a convenient option for international travelers.

6. Can I earn loyalty points when using Apple Pay?
Yes, most hotels allow guests to earn loyalty points when using Apple Pay for their bookings and purchases.

7. Can I use Apple Pay for contactless check-in and check-out?
Some hotels offer contactless check-in and check-out options, allowing guests to use Apple Pay for a seamless payment experience.

8. Can I use Apple Pay for incidentals and additional charges during my stay?
Yes, Apple Pay can be used for incidentals and additional charges during your hotel stay, provided the hotel supports this payment method.

As mobile payment solutions continue to evolve, more hotels are likely to adopt Apple Pay and other digital wallet options. This provides guests with a secure, convenient, and contactless payment experience, making their stay even more enjoyable.

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