Where Can You Get Cash Back With Google Pay?

Google Pay has become an increasingly popular payment platform that allows users to make secure and convenient transactions using their smartphones. While it initially focused on contactless payments, Google Pay now offers a cashback feature that allows users to earn rewards for their purchases. If you’re wondering where you can get cash back with Google Pay, we’ve got you covered.

1. Grocery Stores: Many grocery stores, including popular chains like Walmart, Target, and Kroger, offer cash back when you pay using Google Pay. Simply make your purchase and select the cash back option at the checkout.

2. Gas Stations: Several gas stations now accept Google Pay and also provide cash back options. Look for gas stations like Shell, Chevron, and ExxonMobil that accept contactless payments.

3. Retail Stores: Numerous retail stores, such as Best Buy, Macy’s, and Home Depot, have started accepting Google Pay. Some of these stores also offer cash back options, so be sure to inquire at the register.

4. Restaurants: Many restaurants are now adopting Google Pay as a payment option. While cash back may not be as common in the food industry, some establishments do offer this feature. Simply ask your server or check the payment options available.

5. Online Shopping: Google Pay is widely accepted by various online retailers, including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. While cash back is not typically available for online purchases, you can still earn rewards through loyalty programs or special promotions.

6. Pharmacies: Major pharmacy chains like CVS and Walgreens accept Google Pay and may offer cash back options. It’s always best to ask the cashier or check their payment policies.

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7. Convenience Stores: Popular convenience store chains such as 7-Eleven and Circle K are increasingly accepting Google Pay as a payment method. While cash back may vary, it is worth asking if this option is available.

8. Transit Systems: Google Pay is compatible with many transit systems, allowing users to pay for fares through their smartphones. While cash back may not be available, you can still earn rewards or discounts for using Google Pay.


1. How do I set up Google Pay on my phone?
To set up Google Pay, download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Follow the prompts to add your payment methods and set up security features.

2. Are there any fees associated with using Google Pay?
Google Pay does not charge any fees for making transactions. However, some banks or credit card companies may have their own fees for specific transactions.

3. Can I get cash back with Google Pay at an ATM?
No, Google Pay does not offer cash back at ATMs. It is primarily used for contactless payments and earning rewards.

4. Do I need a specific phone to use Google Pay?
Google Pay is compatible with most Android and iOS devices. However, some older models may not support all features.

5. Can I use Google Pay internationally?
Yes, Google Pay can be used internationally, depending on the country and the availability of the service.

6. How do I earn cash back with Google Pay?
To earn cash back, simply make purchases at participating stores and select the cash back option at checkout.

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7. Can I use Google Pay for online purchases?
Yes, Google Pay is widely accepted for online purchases. Look for the Google Pay logo at the checkout to see if it is an available payment option.

8. How do I redeem cash back rewards with Google Pay?
Cash back rewards earned through Google Pay can usually be redeemed within the app. Check the rewards section to view your available options and follow the redemption process.

In conclusion, Google Pay provides users with the convenience of making contactless payments while also offering the opportunity to earn rewards and cash back. From grocery stores to gas stations, retail stores to restaurants, there are numerous places where you can use Google Pay and potentially receive cash back. Always remember to check with the specific store or establishment to confirm their payment policies and cash back options.